OCL-320微电脑三边封全自动包装机 Microcomputer three-side sealing automatic packaging machine





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suits to food, the chemical industry, the medicine, the seasoning and so on is powdery, the non-coherent material packing.

包装材料:Packing materiats


The packing materials which are suitably used in this machine are celiophanrlpolythene,poiyproylenempolyesrlcoating aluminumlpolythene,polyrsterlbopp filmnylon compounded filmetc, which can ba hea-tsea led.

技术参数:Technical Parameter

制袋范围  Bag Making Range Length:50-180mm Width:40-140mm
包装速度  Packing Speed 35-90 bags/min
计量范围  Filling Range 20-50ml
包装膜最大宽度Film Max- width 320mm
包装膜最大外径Film Max. Out Dia 450mm
包装膜厚度 The Rhick Ness Of The Packing Film 0.03-0.07mm
功    率   Main Power 1.5kw
电    源   Power Supply 220V 50Hz
机    重   Weight 300kg
外形尺寸  Dimension 680x1050x1850mm