OCL-140S 水平式双给袋包装机 Horizontal double-to-bag packaging machine



主要特点:Main feature


1. The powder material metering and packaging system consists of a horizontal bag-feeding packaging machine and a blanking system;


2. The bag-putting slot is convenient and simple for bag-putting, equipped with automatic bag-pressing device;


3. Equipped with imported pressure sensing device to achieve the effect of no blanking and no sealing, saving packaging bags;


4. Double-feed bag packaging system, faster packaging speed, more accurate weight, and high-quality accessories to keep the machine stable;


5. Adopting color touch screen, simple operation and multifunctional design;


6. The machine adopts the appearance of stainless 304L, and the carbon steel frame part and some accessories are processed with acid-resistant, salt-resistant and anti-corrosion treatment layer.


7. Material selection requirements: Most of the accessories are formed by mold production, and the main materials are 304 stainless steel and alumina.


8. Various coding, coding, exhaust, and punching systems are optional;

适用范围:Scope of application

本机包装类型:Native packaging type


01. Solids: packaging of solid materials such as candies, peanuts, green beans, pistachios, puffed foods, etc.


02. Granules: beans, crystalline monosodium glutamate, crystalline salt, granular medicines, capsules, seeds, chemical seasonings, chicken essence, melon seeds, pesticides, fertilizers, feed and other granular materials.


03. Powders: packaging of condiments, milk powder, vegetarian powder, grain powder, glucose, corn powder, flour and other powder materials.


04. Liquids: packaging of liquid materials such as soy sauce, rice vinegar, fruit juice, and beverages.


05. Sauce body: packaging of ketchup, chili sauce, bean paste and other sauce body materials.

本机技术参数:Technical parameters of this machine

包装速度 Packaging speed30-90bags/min
总功率 Total power5KW(单主机 Single host)
包装尺寸 Package Size100-250mm/90-140mm(L*W)
供电电源 Power supply380V
整机重量 Total Weight2000KG
包装容量 Packing capacity10g-400g
耗气量 Air consumption0.7m3/min
外形尺寸 Dimensions2760*1550*1350mm
包装袋类型 Bag type自立袋、四边封袋、拉链袋、手提袋、纸袋等各种预制袋
Various prefabricated bags such as self-supporting bags, four-side sealing bags, zipper bags, handbags, paper bags, etc.

本机主要配置:Main configuration of this machine

01.气动元件:Pneumatic components
给袋汽缸:To bag cylinder台湾亚德客AirTAC Taiwan
其他汽缸:Other cylinders台湾亚德客AirTAC Taiwan
气动电磁阀:Pneumatic solenoid valve台湾亚德客AirTAC Taiwan
真空压力表:Vacuum pressure gauge台湾亚德客AirTAC Taiwan
气管、接头、三联体:Trachea, joint, triplet台湾亚德客AirTAC Taiwan
02.电气元件:Electrical components
显示屏(触摸屏):Display (touch screen)台湾威伦Weilun
变频器:Frequency converter深圳金钟Shenzhen Admiralty
控制开关、按钮、继电器:Control switches, buttons, relays法国施耐德Schneider
光电检测元件:Photoelectric detection element奥托尼克斯Autonics
中间继电器:Intermediate relay美国ABBAmerican ABB

包装工艺流程图:Packaging process flow chart