OCL-160水平式单给袋包装机 Horizontal single-to-bag packaging machine



主要特点:Main feature


1. The powder material metering and packaging system consists of a horizontal bag-feeding packaging machine and a blanking system;


2. The bag-putting slot is convenient and simple for bag-putting, equipped with automatic bag-pressing device;


3. Equipped with imported pressure sensing device to achieve the effect of no blanking and no sealing, saving packaging bags;


4. The bag-type packaging system, the packaging speed is faster, the weight is more accurate, and the high-quality accessories are used to maintain the long-lasting stability of the machine;


5. Adopting color touch screen, simple operation and multifunctional design;

6、机器采用不锈304L 外观,碳钢机架部分与部分配件做耐酸、耐盐防腐处置层加工。

6. The machine adopts the appearance of stainless 304L, and the carbon steel frame part and some accessories are processed with acid-resistant, salt-resistant and corrosion-resistant treatment layer.


7. Material selection requirements: Most of the accessories are formed by mold production, and the main materials are 304 stainless steel and alumina.


8. Various coding, coding, exhaust, and punching systems are optional;

适用范围:Scope of application

本机包装类型:Native packaging type


01. Solids: packaging of solid materials such as candies, peanuts, green beans, pistachios, puffed foods, etc.


02. Granules: beans, crystalline monosodium glutamate, crystalline salt, granular medicines, capsules, seeds, chemical seasonings, chicken essence, melon seeds, pesticides, fertilizers, feed and other granular materials.


03. Powders: packaging of condiments, milk powder, vegetarian powder, grain powder, glucose, corn powder, flour and other powder materials.


04. Liquids: packaging of liquid materials such as soy sauce, rice vinegar, fruit juice, and beverages.


05. Sauce body: packaging of ketchup, chili sauce, bean paste and other sauce body materials.

本机技术参数:The machine technical parameters

包装速度 Packaging speed10-50bags/min
总功率 Total power2.0KW(单主机 Single host)
包装尺寸 Package Size80-160*110-230(袋宽*袋长Bag width * bag length)
供电电源 Power supply380V
整机重量 Total Weight800KG
包装容量 Packing capacity10g-500g(视物料而定Depends on the material)
耗气量 Air consumption0.7m3/min
包装袋类型 Bag type四边封袋、三边封袋、异形袋、纸袋等各种预制袋
Various prefabricated bags such as four-side sealing bags, three-side sealing bags, special-shaped bags, paper bags, etc.

本机主要配置:Main configuration of this machine

01.气动元件:Pneumatic components
给袋汽缸:To bag cylinder台湾亚德客AirTAC Taiwan
其他汽缸:Other cylinders台湾亚德客AirTAC Taiwan
气动电磁阀:Pneumatic solenoid valve台湾亚德客AirTAC Taiwan
真空压力表:Vacuum pressure gauge台湾亚德客AirTAC Taiwan
气管、接头、三联体:Trachea, joint, triplet台湾亚德客AirTAC Taiwan
02.电气元件:Electrical components
显示屏(触摸屏):Display (touch screen)台湾威伦Weilun
变频器:Frequency converter深圳金钟Shenzhen Admiralty
控制开关、按钮、继电器:Control switches, buttons, relays法国施耐德Schneider
光电检测元件:Photoelectric detection element奥托尼克斯Autonics
中间继电器:Intermediate relay美国ABBAmerican ABB

特点:1、放袋结构 2、送袋装置 3、自动上袋装置、 4、机械手夹袋 5、真空开袋 6、充填物料 7、整形 8、封口 9、成品输送。

Features: 1. Bag placing structure 2. Bag feeding device 3. Automatic bag loading device 4. Manipulator gripping bag 5. Vacuum bag opening 6. Filling material 7. Shaping 8. Sealing 9. Finished product conveying.

包装工艺流程图:Packaging process flow chart

配套粉剂螺杆下料系统示图:Diagram of supporting powder screw feeding system

配套液体下料系统示图:Diagram of supporting liquid feeding system

配套颗粒类电子称下料系统示图:Diagram of blanking system of supporting particle electronic scale