OCL-260/320袋中袋水平式制袋全自动包装线 Bag-in-bag horizontal bag making automatic packaging line





This machine i5 equipped with advanced technology of Ea rope similar product to created a new generation of full automatic pouch form fill seal packing machine. combine the bag forming, measu ring, filling, sealig action as one body. Design for stand up pouch to achieve automatic farm fill seal process. Easy tear and notching was available With difference filling system it can be using in powder, granule, liquid etc material. The bag forming and filling system are total separate. Using mechanical linkage and PLC control to meet difference bag size packing requirement

适用范围:Scope of application


Suitable for medicine, foodstuff, commodity, chemical pesticide industries of powder, granule, liquid, paste and jam mate rial. To achieve full automatic package like forming, measu ring, filling and sealing p rocess Date printing, air inflation was available

机器优势:Machine advantage


    Operate steadily, fast speed,bag making faultlessly, tow power consumption.


    Multi material can be filling in one pouch‘


    By PLC control system.packing speed is more fast, operate more steadily. iow failure rate and low power consumption‘


    Independent material filling device, powder splash could be avoided to insu re the sealing effect.


    Using difference filling system can packing material like:liquid,powder granule and paste etc.

技术参数:Technical Parameter

袋型 Sachet type三/四边封3/4 seal bag
自立袋stand up pouch
蝴蝶袋Butterfly bag
Bag size range最小尺寸Min.Size180mm(W)x200mm(L)
计量范围 Filling Rate50-1000m1(custamized)
包装速度 Packfng Speed30-50 bagslmin
主机功率 Electricity Pawer21kw (含内袋包装机)Packing machine with inner bag
电源要求 Working Voltage380V/50Hz
耗 气 量 Air Consumption1.8m3/min
机器尺寸 Machine dimension3830x1100x1600mm(DZD-260)
机器重量 Machine Weieht1700kg